Top Reasons to choose Magento for E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce is one of the most flourished online business platforms and also the most competitive one. Having an E-Commerce business is all about creating the marketing strategy and management of a long list of essential things. E-Commerce is not an easy field to get in because of the already crowded market but with a strong foundation you can easily reach the list of top brand names. Thus every businessman today finds for the best platform for their E-Commerce business website that ensures the provision of products and services to the customers in a rapid, proficient & creative way.

To cater such needs of the businessmen and to overcome the challenges of the E-Commerce business world, Magento came as the ultimate solution and savior. Magento offers the efficiency and performance as required by the businessmen from their E-Commerce business website. Magento is surely one of the most widely used web development platform and is open source as well, which makes it easily downloadable for developers. Developers have really loved this platform and have added their innovation time to time, to create the best websites in the world.

Magento isn’t just only about this, there is so much more to learn about it. There are so many reasons that Magento has become the top ranking website development platform in whole world and here we are going to have a look some of those reasons.

        1. Feature-Packed

Magento is one of the most feature-packed website development platforms available today. Magento offers a long list of features like layered navigation, advanced search, wish lists, favorites, product comparisons, multi store feature, email list, grouped products and content management system for static pages as well as SEO performance. These features surely provide the website developers with everything they look for in a development platform. It is because of such feature-rich nature, Magento is able to deliver the best user experience and customer satisfaction. Magento has really offered great amount of scalability and usability to both customers and developers.

        2. Flexibility

Magento is one of the most flexible web development platforms available today. It comes in different editions for different business sizes and you can select the version which best suits your business requirements on the basis of size and budget of business. The first edition of Magento is known as Magento Go, which is basically supportive to small business like startups etc. The second edition of the Magento is called Magento Enterprise Edition, which is best suited for medium and large level businesses. The third edition is Magento Community Edition which is available for free and offers a great community of developers available online for support always. With a large theme base and many templates available online, Magento is seriously a great example of flexible web development platforms.

        3. SEO Friendly

Magento is a very SEO friendly platform which offers a great level of optimization to your E-Commerce business website. Even the websites created using this platform are loved by search engines. Magento provides you a long list of SEO features like page traffic, duplicate content, landing page, indexing, etc & these can be well managed for a website developed on Magento. Building SEO friendly websites can really help your business website be shown in the top search engine results, providing better conversion rate and improved business sales.

        4. Easy Development Platform

Magento offers a great level of scalability and the management of website & its content is pretty easy. We all know that businesses never stay at one level, they are meant to grow. Magento has been created keeping this in mind and thus it allows the developers to make changes in the website easily, every time the business grows. Developers can easily add content, update content, add pages to the website and link pages to the sub or main navigation, thus saving considerable amount of time. This is the reason even developers love working on Magento.

        5. Shopping Cart

Whenever we use a new website, we always love if the navigation is made easier for us. Magento’s shopping cart is designed keeping this in mind and guides the customers through a simple step-by-step approach to purchase the products they wish to buy. Magento offers more than 50 different payment gateways to choose from, providing the users with a far better shopping experience.

        6. Multi-Store Administration

Suppose you have more than one store that you need to have a proper control of from one single place, then Magento Is the ultimate answer to your needs. Magento provides a single Admin panel, from where you can easily manage multiple stores and their content. You can easily set up multiple stores with their respective product catalogues and manage them from one place. Magento has reduced all the headache of managing different stores separately, providing a 24*7 control over the stores and their contents.

        7. Magento’s Google Collaboration

Magento has become far better by joining hands with the king of Search Engines, Google. Because of this reason Magento now has a lot services provided by Google integrated into itself like Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Base. E-Commerce is all about gaining traffic, strategizing and executing plans that are improved versions of previous plans. With Magento you can easily track traffic, upload content and process orders placed by customers. This helps in the revision of previous strategies to create new ones which are surely to bear far better results than before.

        8. Mobile-Friendly

We all know that mobile phones are now the primary devices to access internet as well as for online shopping. So to provide the best shopping experience to users accessing websites from mobile, Magento allows you to create the best mobile friendly websites that work perfectly on mobile devices of all screen sizes. These responsive website look beautiful on mobile devices and offer same functionality as desktop,

        9. Coding

Magento is really very easy for less technical people even as the coding involved in this is not hardcore and the core coding can easily be integrated with the third party coding. The coding is really simple and easy to understand as well. The coding is not even disrupted by extensions and add-ons of future upgrades which has also been one of the major reasons for many businesses to have switched to Magento.

        10. Reports

Magento offers a far better administration and support as compared to most other web development platforms as you easily get the weekly or monthly reports about your business website. The detailed reports include the performance of your business website like what is on demand, what has gone out of stock, new items in market, etc. The current situation of the ecommerce businesses is going through a great level of competition and thus, the reports help in re-strategizing the approach and thus get better results.

        11. Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support

Language and currency are not an issue when you are wishing to develop a website using Magento as it allows support to a long list of languages and also multiple currencies catering to a wide geographical audience. Magento with its unique features blur these boundaries and one can shop from almost any corner of world.

        12. Promotional tools

Business promotion is quite easy when it comes to the usage of Magento as the development tool. Magento provides a long list of promotional features to attract a much larger audience base through Private Sales, Flexible Coupons, Catalog Promotional Pricing, Multi-Tier Pricing, Bundled Products, Landing page Tools for Campaigns, etc are among these tools. This helps you get better conversion rate and higher business sales as well.

        13. Order Management

Managing the orders is also very simple when it comes to Magento as you can easily gather orders from your customers and handle them with ease. With the simple admin panel you can create, view, edit and fulfill orders, raise invoices, print packing slip, create email notifications and RSS feed for new order, creation of reorder, etc.

        14. Bonus Features

Magento offers a very wide range of plugins and add-ons that can cater all the needs of your business website by offering additional functionalities. Addition of these plugins and add-ons is quite simple and you can easily get all the features you wish your business website to have. This also helps in introducing timely changes in the website.

        15. Open-Source

Magento is an open source platform, which is one of the biggest advantages of using Magento as it allows you to make changes to the source code to completely change the look, feel and functionality of the website according to our business needs. Being open source, Magento is the personal development platform for every developer out there to innovate and experiment.


Thus these were all the points you need to know as to why Magento is a best platform for E-Commerce website development. Magento has continuously grown in the past few years and still stands strong in the top eCommerce Web Development list. If you are thinking of getting an eCommerce website built for your business then, Magento is the ultimate platform for you.


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