Top E-Commerce Web Design Trends for 2017

Last year, material and responsive design took the E-Commerce website design and development by storm. But we all are aware of this fact that the digital world is ever-changing. If one trend, tool or platform is popular today then tomorrow might be the day of some other one. Same is the case with the eCommerce web design trends, these also keep changing with times and web designers from all over the world are right now predicting the trends that can prevail in this year i.e. 2017.

We never actually know what’s coming next or what type of design will be introduced in the coming future. Future is never known for anything, including the web design trends for E-Commerce and thus, one can just put up the design trends with highest possibilities. The world’s best web design experts have always provided quite accurate information about the possibilities in design trends, keeping in mind the current web design trends. Thus many website design trends were stated for a better E-Commerce website user experience that can be in trend for the year 2017.

Here we are going to have a look at the top E-Commerce Web Design trends for the year 2017.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

It’s not been that long when the E-Commerce website were designed according to the screen size of a desktop but with the advent of smart phones and mobile technology, the design had to be made responsive and adaptive in order to provide the same digital experience as in desktops. But in recent times, the numbers of internet users on mobile have increased more than the number of users on desktops. Surveys have proven that most people make online purchases using their mobile devices, which has made the designers come to this point that the coming era is of the mobile first designs i.e. mobile-friendly web designs. This means that the websites will be designed keeping mobile devices in mind and will be made adaptive for laptops and computers later. Mobile-friendly web design includes aspects such as large images, buttons and icons, hidden menu bars, use of full width of screen and many more.

Semi-Flat Web Design

Flat designs proved to be a great web designing trend in the last as many customers had a great online shopping experience due to that. But with the end of the year 2016, the recognition of the flat designs started to diminish which made the web design specialist come to a point that semi-flat designs would work better than flat ones. The semi-flat designs can make the web design really appealing, eye-catching, stunning, and striking & even provide a far better usability for customers. The semi-flat web designs maintain the various positive aspects of flat design like the effortlessness, robustness, functionality and the approach followed by the flat designs. Semi-flat designs are being adapted by websites steadily and it is a surety that we will experience more changes & improvements in this design trend.

Images are the Conversion Magnet

Visual Content has always proven to be a great attention seeker for any kind of website and same is the case with the E-Commerce website. Surveys have proven that the websites with high quality product images experience conversion rate and enhanced business sales. Thus the web design professionals have concluded this point for images that the websites with large, high quality images to present your products, services and brands will surely prove to be profitable for your ecommerce business website. Textual information is also good but the impact which visual graphics put on the audience is far effective for business sales. Humans have the tendency to notice attractive images more than textual information. E-Commerce websites have only few moments to put a great impression about their product on the users and if it has high quality, eye-catchy images then the chances of conversion are quite high.

Evolution of Material Design

Introduced in 2014 by Google, material design became quite popular in android mobile devices and its fame has been growing among the audience ever since. Material design has provided a better user experience which is the reason for many companies, could establish their roots in the already crowded business market. E-Commerce websites welcomed the material design with open arms and it has been adopted by a lot of E-Commerce websites. Material designs include some very essential and effective features like card design layouts, responsive animations, transitions and many more. Thus the web design consultant around the globe have come to this point that material design is going to evolve further and will provide the E-Commerce ventures and websites with fat better profitability through enhanced user experience leading to better conversion rate.

Long Scrolls with Lazy Loading

In earlier times when we used to view products on an E-Commerce website, we used to see around 20 products on page one and then we had to click on page number 2, which took time to load as well as scrolling between products and pages made it irritating for users. Thus in 2017, long page scrolls with lazy loading will be the king. The long scrolls allow you to save a lot of time required for opening a new page and even reduce the confusing as to on which page was the product you previously shortlisted. Long scrolls allow the users to scroll down on the same page for the products by automatically loading the further products for the user. This provides a far better user experience as well as website performance, thus making the long scrolls a sure shot website design trend of year 2017.

Rich Animations and Cinemagraph

Visual content is the king, we all know this but to add to its beauty use of rich animations and Cinemagraphs have really become the current hot favorite of web designers around the globe. Images are surely the current in-trend aspects of all E-Commerce websites and in coming times we are going to witness the best use of animations, GIFs and Cinemagraphs for better online shopping experience to the users. Use of animations and Cinemagraphs provide the users with an exceptions experience as they understand the products and services better, which makes the decision making process easier for them. The animations and Cinemagraphs are used in E-Commerce websites as headers to motion graphic demos, 360 videos of products, background images, home page banners, product images and many more.

Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus have always been in fashion for E-Commerce websites and still are going strong in latest web design trends. A lot of E-Commerce websites include hamburger menus in their E-Commerce websites. A large amount of web designers around the world utilize bootstrap framework while designing the E-Commerce website and in some versions of bootstrap, the hamburger menus are on the right. These menus have always proven a great addition to the look and functionality of an ecommerce website. Some leading website like Google have suggested the placement of hamburger menus on the left side of E-Commerce websites, which will change the way E-Commerce websites were designed.

Crystal Clear Responsive Typography

Typography has always been the key to a better online shopping experience and in the year 2017 also, large and responsive typography that can fit on all kinds of screen sizes. Having such big sized typography sends a commanding & confident message to the audience, engaging them in your website products and services by offering better readability, feel & experience. Mobile phones have become the key devices for online shopping and thus having large typography that looks awesome at devices of any screen size is really going to be in trend. This helps in creating a positive impact on the users by building trust and credibility among them, which will help you in gaining larger audience base and also increase business sales.

Brighter Colors

Use of brighter colors is going to impact the E-Commerce web designs greatly as these help in much more attractive and eye-catching look to your E-Commerce website. These colors are going to be personalized according to the demographics for the optimum web experience to the users. So just wait for the bright colors to enhance your online shopping experience and that too in a personalized way.

Hand drawn elements

According to the world’s best website design experts, hand drawn images and logo are going to be taking over the throne held by the icons, logos, banners and images, which earlier used to be downloaded from websites. Hand drawn elements put up a rather effective impact on the users than digital images as these send a message of originality and let your customers know your brand in a personalized way. Customers usually find such hand drawn elements more attractive than digital images so make sure to replace the boring digital logos and images with hand drawn elements and then enjoy the positive after-effects.


So that’s a wrap for the top E-Commerce website trends to follow in 2017. All these trends have been found after proper research and with the ideas of the experts. Include all these trends in your E-Commerce business website and you will surely experience a better conversion rate and increase business sales.


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