The Best Tips For E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce is the new business standard as it has been adopted globally to become the biggest marketplace ever. E-Commerce allows you to extend your business outreach to a global scale rather than just being local. Every business is now shifting online irrespective of its size and nature. This is the biggest reason for the increase in online business competition and has resulted in global brand war. To stand tall in such harsh competition, you need to revise your marketing strategy into a more effective and efficient one. E-Commerce marketing is all about understand your target audience and forming a strategy that helps in converting your visitors into customers and leads. But to define a perfect marketing strategy for your E-Commerce business, you need to have a list of tips that you need to follow.
Here we are going to have a look at the top tips for taking your online business to the road of success.

     1. Content is the King

Behind every success story there is a proper planning & its execution. Same is the case with the E-Commerce marketing strategy as you need to properly plan everything before practically starting working on it. You have to create a proper blueprint and schedule as to what content and how content will be posted like the videos, blogs, articles and newsletters etc. Always make sure to check the analytics every now and then to check as to how your content marketing is performing and what improvements can be made. This helps in reaching out to maximum audience with relevant content rather than just displaying content which we want to show them.

     2. Promotional Emails

Emails have always been the best medium of business interactions and are still in demand for it. Emails are the most frequently checked messages and thus they are quite effective in letting customers know about your company’s products and services. These emails also help in convincing the customers to buy the products and services as these can be sent in a targeted way to the potential customers only, rather than sending to everyone.

Emails are a great medium to stay in touch with your customers by sending them with the promotional offers, newsletters and sale advertisements. Thus having the in your marketing strategy is must.

     3. Social Media

Social Media is one of the most strong and efficient platforms for business promotion online. With the maximum of world population as the users of social media, you need to create a perfect social media promotion strategy and execute it flawlessly to yield profitable results. You even need to cut down the social media platforms where no profits are possible, thus saving money and efforts to apply on the platforms where your business is performing well. Social media can surely act as a catalyst in reaching to target audience and thus increasing the conversion rate & business sales.

     4. Personalization

Personalization can really prove to be a really effective business promotion strategy as people like to put their trust in a company which is well reputed or endorsed by a famous person. Thus getting a person or two to promote your business is a good idea as it will help in gaining trust of the potential customers to improve sales. You can even send personalized emails and offers to the people according to their interests, age, gender and area etc, which helps in improving the chances of conversion by a far better percentage.

     5. Originality is the new trend

Surveys have proven that original content always attracts & engages the customers more than the downloaded or someone else’s content. Originality not only helps in building better trust but also makes a unique brand identity for your business. Companies mostly utilize the content they have borrowed or taken from the internet but now is the era of posting content created by your own firm. You can easily create blogs, videos, audios and eBooks that not only help in spreading knowledge but also help in seeking proper attention of the potential customers.

     6. Contextual Marketing

Contextual Marketing is a really effective way of online business promotion. In this marketing technique, the main focus is on displaying the promotional ads according to demographics i.e. displaying the right kind of ads at the right time to right kind of people. This improves the rate of conversion and also enhances the business sales.

     7. User Created Content

Users trust other users who already tried product and reviewed it, more than the company. So focus on using the user generated content like reviews, comments and videos in which they give their personal views about the product to other users. This not only saves time & money of getting professional advertisement shoot but also helps in better trust building.

     8. Loyalty Programs

Letting your customers know that you feel happy to have them & to provide them with products and services. The loyalty program is all about rewarding your regular customers, which results in turning them into promoters and letting others know how good your services are.

     9. Facebook Automation

Make the best use of social media platforms like Facebook by scheduling posts for a month already and not having to worry later about the content posting or anything. These automation services allow you to focus on your business decisions while your business is constantly in touch with the potential customers through Facebook automation.

     10. Language Personalization

Providing ads and content to your potential customers in their native language helps in better sales than using a single language. You cannot sell products or services in English to a person who speaks or understand Chinese only. So make sure to sell products and services to people in a way that they understand perfectly. Using platforms like Magento and WordPress can allow you to personalize language perfectly.

     11. Responsive Design

With the increase in the number of mobile internet users more than the desktop users, it has become really very essential for making your E-Commerce websites mobile friendly. This not only helps in maintaining the proper design and functionality of the website but also helps in improving the user experience. Having a responsive ecommerce web design helps in improving the rate of conversion and improves business sales.

     12. Mobile Ads

Mobiles are the ultimate devices used to access internet, search for products and purchase them online. Mobile ads are a great medium to promote your online business as you can target audience according to their location and display ads on their mobile in an attractive way. This results in more visits to the website and thus increases the chance of sales.

     13. Focus on Wearable Devices

With the advent of smart watches, it has become really very important to have your business website full optimized for fitting to the screen of any size device. Make your website compatible with such devices can really lead to beneficial results for your online business in the long run.

     14. Social Media Advertisements

Social Media is one of the strongest and the fastest ways to reach out to the potential customers around the world. All big platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow you to display paid ads that can be filtered to target audience of specific age, demographics, gender and interests. Social Media has really helped businesses ranging from already established brands to startups, to grow their business roots on a global scale.

     15. Reveal Identity

Customers always wish to know that who have written the blog post or content as this helps them in knowing about your company and team in a better way. Make sure to reveal the address and contact details of your company as well, because this helps in building a better & trustworthy business image.

     16. Forums & Community

Provide your users with online forums and communities where one user can answer the questions asked by other users. This helps in better trust building as maintaining transparency always feels great to the users. So offering these can help you achieve a better conversion rate and increased business sales.

     17. Personalized Emails

Sending random emails can irritate customers very easily, so make sure to send relevant and personalized emails to them. Send emails with promotional offers and deals regarding the products they have been looking for, on the internet. This helps in better image building and thus the loyalty of customers about your brand increases.

     18. Delivery Options

Providing low price delivery or free delivery services always help in getting better customer attention and better sales. No one likes to pay extra price for getting the product delivered to their place as they have already spend a lot to buy the product. Thus having free delivery option can help you win over the competition easily.

     19. Branding

Make sure to promote your brand in an effective way through online promotions and getting your brand endorsed by popular websites. This helps in creating a brand image in the minds of audience, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rate.

     20. Tutorials

Letting the customers know about the usage of the products and demonstrations of products help in better sales as customers cannot touch the products physically while shopping online. So make sure to show videos in such a way that they compel the customers to take profitable actions (CTA).

That’s All!
So these were the top 20 tips for a better E-Commerce marketing campaign that will surely help your business get to the road odd success. Make sure to adopt these tips in your E-Commerce marketing strategy and enjoy the benefits in terms on audience base as well as monetary profits.


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