Top 12 Ecommerce Trends in 2017

E-commerce is surely the future of the world market as it has revolutionized the way any business was ever done. Because of this reason, the competition has drastically increased among businesses and everyone is seeking the finest web designers to get the best website designed for their business. The success of an eCommerce websites depends upon various factors like efficient web design, innovative development and proper marketing & SEO tactics to generate leads and improve sales. E-commerce is one business that is prone to highest competition in market.

New trends are introduced in E-commerce every day, which need to be followed to stay ahead in the race of companies. With the advent of latest technologies each day, many things are predicted about future trends of E-commerce business websites. The experts of whole world always predict the trends that might be introduced in the upcoming time like for the year 2017.

List of possible E-commerce trends in 2017:

Mobile Phone Centered Web Design

One of the most talked about trend in E-commerce is mobile- centered web designs as people prefer mobiles for most of their internet eCommerce. Mobiles are one of the most used internet accessing devices in the whole world. Even the amount of traffic in mobile web usage has left behind the traffic in desktop web usage. Google is also working on a new, mobile-first web index. This makes it mandatory to work on the improvement of mobile experience so as to attract maximum number of visitors and converting them into leads. This doesn’t mean the websites should be mobile responsive but to be created especially for mobiles.

Understanding customer needs using real-time data

Previously, the historical data was collected about the customers to know what they have searched for and what they are interested in. But it is being predicted that understanding the customer needs and usage pattern will rely on the real time data collection as historical data doesn’t give surety about current user needs. This will help in improving the promotion strategies and lead to an efficient lead generation.

Automated bots for chatting

All big companies like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter have already integrate automated bots for chatting, which provide assistance in various online processes like shopping, booking and customer care. People would learn to interact more with machines rather than human beings. These bots are being adopted by companies at a very fast rate and thus, these are being predicted to be in trend in 2017.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most talked about trend in E-commerce is integration of Artificial Intelligence as it has already become an essential part of everyone’s life these days. The increase in number of users of digital assistants like iPhone’s siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google voice control etc, it is quite clear how warmly will this technology be welcomed by the customers in the E-commerce field. Thus, it is surely understood that these companies will already be working on this platform for integration.

Mobile apps for payments and rewards

Cashless payments with the help of smart phones and apps have become very popular around the world. This was first started by Starbucks. It is also being predicted that rewards might also be added along with this service of mobile payment. Like for example, every time you pay through mobile, you either get cash-back or coupons etc, for usage when you go to that place again. This benefits the customers as well as business. The success of these sorts of apps, and the need to deliver personalization will help to make loyalty and payment apps increasingly common.

Sales through Social Media

The users of social media have increased exponentially in the past few years. Thus, targeting users through the use of social media will strengthen the sales for sure. Social Media Integration has been done along with the E-commerce companies to promote business. Social Media is very powerful and if used in the most appropriate way for E-commerce, it can create wonders. In 2017, social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, are going to be the main channel of E-commerce businesses.

One Day Delivery Services

It is being believed by most of the experts that one day delivery services are going to be in trend next year i.e. 2017. This will be very pleasing for the customers as they can’t wait for the product they ordered; it is a part of human nature. One day delivery services will increase the user base of E-commerce websites as people will be really very happy to get products at a lower price than market and that too delivered same day at your doorstep.

UX will be key player

Experts are predicting that UX will play a major role in the year 2017 for E-commerce websites and businesses. It is quite obvious that users will be happier to use simple design and fast processing websites rather than slow and complicated ones. UX makes the websites lighter and more interactive which makes the customers feel at ease. The use of UX is surely going to change the design of applications by making them easy to use for surfing and making payments.

Less Information while checking out

In a survey, it has shown that a huge percentage of customers, cancel the order at the time of check out when a lot of information is asked from him/her. Thus to reduce this information gathering process, it is being predicted that platforms like Magento would allow least information checkouts by saving securely the card information once. This will customers to feel better as a great amount of their time will be saved.

Use of Cinemagraph and GIF images

It is being predicted that GIF images are going to be used in E-commerce websites as these are much more eye-catching and interesting because of the animations. Cinemagraphs are even predicted to be used, which actually are still images in which animations are used to make them more interesting and creative. Cinemagraphs may appear as background images, category headers, home page banners, and even product images. We humans love to go for things which are very well demonstrated, thus this trend is definitely going to prevail.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Use of advanced search capabilities will improve the E-commerce website usage and more number of users will utilize these websites perfectly, especially for the smart phone users. Advanced search capabilities make the process getting right products in search results much more easily & hence, enhancing user convenience.

Use of videos will be increased

Videos will be really a very essential component of E-commerce websites from the year 2017. Videos provide much more interactive and detailed information about products and thus, customers will prefer the products after proper demonstration. Thus videos are going to be an essential part of E-commerce.

These are the twelve e-commerce trends which are predicted to be major players in the next year. There may be a few less or few more, but the possibilities are endless we know. E-commerce is definitely changing the shapes of business because it has been acting as the direct bridge between customers and companies. Technological changes are unpredictable and so is the change in E-commerce trends. Thus, we can just wait for 2017 to see which of these trends are going to be


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