How To Develop Magento Optimization Conversions Rate Strategies?

Running a Magento developed portal isn’t enough. The main thing that fuels the ongoing campaign is ‘conversions’. More than 90% Magento based sites fail to achieve even $50K conversion a year. In layman’s term, it doesn’t even cover the Magento web development and maintenance cost, forget about the profit and or enhanced ROI (Return on Investment).

Being an open-sources CMS, Magento offers unrealistic scalability and flexible content management features to drive sales, gain leads and become eCommerce magnum.

It’s a common knowledge why businesses fail to establish their online eCommerce empire. The main thing they lack is the vision. The vision is developed with the right strategy and what business wants to achieve realistic goals. eCommerce giants such as Amazon, eBay etc. pay handsome amount to not only one, but to a lot of people just for preparing strategies that include SCM (Supply Chain Management) too. So, if you are on a very limited budget or don’t have money to even hire a college graduate MBA fresher, then it’s time to roll your sleeves and take things in your hand.

This article will throw light on how you can prepare some good strategy that can fuel conversion rates. First of all, try to get on Magento 2.1 if your site is still on Magento 1.0 version. Sooner or later, you are going to have and it’s better if you do it as early as possible – and if you have a Magento 2.1 website, then you are already one step ahead than those who still trying to configure the need of doing this.

Magento offers features like card abandoned reports and emails that enable owners to understand the nature of the shoppers. However, as mentioned earlier, to leverage such kind of tools, one needs to have the right mindset to incorporate certain elements for better output. Magento 2.1 offers two great solutions to help customers’ in their shopping journey.

Elastic Search

This tool so far has turned out as a real milestone for Magento in terms of offering powerful search feature on the portal. It picks up synonyms, stop words that find what customers’ often use to search the product. This feature allows shoppers to find their desired items without thinking hard about the right word of the product. When you ease shoppers’ journey with proper tools such as elastic search, you create enough room to increase CRO.

PayPal and saved credit cards

It shortens the time of shoppers to do the payment. It’s one of the main features that are being used extensively to initiate sales as soon as possible. Beside Magento 2.1 features, if you are running Magneto 1.0 version, still you can enhance CRO by doing following things-

Web Design

Remember web design is the first thing that a visitor notices on your website. There’s a difference between Magento web Design and WordPress web design. If you try to be scrooge on web designing cost, then you are damaging your business efforts that will make you look like an immature in the business world and your site suffers.

Responsive Website

Make sure your website resizes on the different screen automatically. Having a responsive website is a must when more than 50% traffic is already from mobile and will likely to reach 70% in the coming year.

Product Page

Many websites work so much on their home page that their product page fails to impress and some even look like a spam. This is the area that you need to work harder. Use HD images of the product having 3-4 angles to generate interest among the shoppers’ and provide a complete description with full specifications.

Site Speed

Even Google loves websites that load faster. No matter how heavy your website is, if it doesn’t load within 4 seconds, then you are already losing 70% of your business. Even 1-second matters in loading time area. Online shoppers have many options that become the reason of bouncing to other sites if yours takes much time to load. Work on the speed optimization and embed images and videos to maintain site speed according to the industry parameters.


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