Best Tips to Boost your Online Reputation

Businesses having a great online reputation perform better than those that don’t. Let’s keep performance topic aside. Businesses that don‘t have any sort of online reputation; find their online empire (website) floating umpteen on Google pages where no one visits. Sounds strange, eh? True, however, because people trust a business that has delivered its promises and is comprised of loyalty, greatness, best service, great customer support etc. Hence, to build an online reputation, a business has to offer something great to finding its place in the real as well in the virtual world.

Before the age of the internet, businesses had to build their reputation differently, like word of mouth marketing. The process was slow, but steadily many businesses turned out to be a great leader in their industry and produced fruitful results through their patience, vision, marketing excellence in creating trustable image amongst the targeted public.

If a business’s image can be built easily on the web, then it can be easily tarnished, either. It’s like two sides of the same coin and if you keep influencing negatively and hoping to have the right customer feedback, then you are either delusional or having hard time accepting the reality. With a few clicks, customers’ can leave negative feedback on your different social media channels and on customer forum that clearly show in the search engine results and heavily influence the decision making of shoppers/buyers.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call the internet the godsend for companies who want to grow quickly, or for those companies who believe in their product and are determined to influence the masses with their pronominal technology or are a superior industrial strategy to lift the bar higher.

           1. Provide Excellent Customer Experiences:

It’s the most important thing to maintain an ongoing customer relationship with the buyers. Imagine yourself running an ecommerce business and a customer named John buys a product from you. However, when he receives and opens the product, it turns out to be defective. He, then, contacts your customer support and tries to get it exchanged, as it still under your company’s business policies to get the received damaged product exchanged within a week. He has recorded a video of opening the box, which can’t be denied by anyone. Now if your customer support readily agrees to exchange the product and do it within a week or less, then the company’s image will get a boost on the person’s mind and he will do word-of-mouth marketing for free and add some of his friends and family to company’s customer list.

However, if you do the reverse and say the customer to contact the company whose product you received is detected, then you’re simply hammering your reputation that would take years to take out the dent.

Since you know, how fast information travels across the web, it’s the best idea to keep providing excellent customer service that can build your reputation on the web.

           2. Don’t delay in fixing an issue

If you find something wrong happening on your eCommerce portal, don’t just delay it for a second and fix it straight away. Even a delay of 7 seconds in loading a website can kill your more than 50% chances of turning visitors into sales. That’s how dynamic the world of web is. Study how maintained its image and had successfully done business for many years, even for decades. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is an entrepreneurial master and understands how the things are on the web.

Since FB is the king of social media, companies put a lot of efforts to connect with the audience and try to get as many as positive reviews from them. Afterward, they use it as their business tool to market their product in their yearly manifesto and understand the importance of customer’s reviews. Hence, many food chain outlets, even call you, if you give them a bad review. No. Not that they want to be bossy and want to threaten you, but to ask why you gave them the bad review and if they can do anything to correct the thing that brought you the dishonor from their side.

If your company has more negative reviews than the positive, then it will be hard to find new customers. Negative reviews’ bring bad impression; they automatically build up an image of a company that doesn’t care for their customers’, other than milking them for money.

Now that if your website is producing bugs that are continuously annoying users to buy anything from the website, or there are too many adds that are too distracting, then it’s time to fix them and offer an unforgettable user experience. If you keep annoying your audience who will buy from you, then how you are planning to survive in the market? With your own money? Think carefully and always keep cross checking on the website to remain satisfied.

          3. Display the best offerings

It’s an ideal thing to do because the first impression is the last impression. Display the best offerings to your online visitors to influencing them for a longer time stay on the website. And if they stay longer on the website, then what happens? Well, they are likely to search the website and browse more categories to see what you are offering.

Remember, whatever is said about you business online, will forever stay there. There’s nothing you can do about it, until and unless the person or website that has published the rave reviews remove them, or on social media accounts, the person who reviewed you, change its mind and correct his ratings giving to your business.

To communicate and effectively influence the people to think again about your business after you remove their complaints regarding your business is the right ORM skills. Every reputed company has an ORM department that works critically and examines users’ activity on the web and spots the areas that need attention for better response and outcome.

Imagine yourself an entrepreneur of a start-up selling products like Can you expect people to buy iPhones from your portal if the customer reviews negative regarding delay shipment or unresponsive customer care? Customers’ have become savvy and find the best deals and places before buying something bigger than $500 in amount.

          4. Be active online

Since you are running an eCommerce store and aren’t active online 24/7, it’s not good for your business. It’s like digging one’s own grave and except to stay alive. You are no superhuman whom people will follow because he is the only hope to save the mankind from the space attack.

It’s imperative to have social media accounts running to respond people on their queries. May businesses mistake their virtual business as the real business and follow real world parameters online that derail their juggernaut before they try to produce any good benefit in the long race.

Many customers’ have so many queries regarding products that they prefer to contact customer care, like 24/7 chat support. Hence, users look for spontaneous answers from the chat support; otherwise, they likely to switch to the other portal.

Many business owners think that they are dealing locally so why to remain active most of the time on social media. However, they forget that not all people in the city follow a certain rigid rule of sleeping at the same time, not there is any such rule at any place in the world. People use the internet anytime and can send you query or can ask for assistance to detect the bug (if you are a software provider) immediately or ask assistance to end the task.

Small scale businesses don’t have funding to hire an online and an ORM expert to stay active during the odd business working hours. However, if you active auto-responder and get back to the person who sent a query, then you are again doing something beneficial to your business.

The best way to keep a healthy social media account or account is to keep posting on a continual basis. Don’t just copy rivals post for the sake of posting content or to have a good amount of content collection. Build your profile on a foundation of creativity that reflects clearly in your content.

          5. Build Credibility

Once you earn users’ trust and credibility, you are all set to create wonders for your business. However, it’s not easy to build trust and credibility for businesses, especially for the new players. Customers’ expect quick and reliable customer service and if you fail to deliver your promises, then the word travel fast on the web and your image will be tarnished before you will be able to do anything.

Hence, keep monitoring what users are saying about you online and try to firmly respond them, no matter how negatively someone has written about you on your page. When you are doing ORM, then it’s a gibberish thing if you take a negative comment personally. There are good and bad reviews even for most reputed firms in the world and you can’t literally block bad reviews or skim the good from those to have a portal that satisfies your ideologies.

Learn how to take criticism with a positive attitude and how to maintain professionalism during the hateful comments. Not everyone has the same opinion. The different mind thinks differently, nothing to worry about.


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