A Small Guide to Hire Certified Magento Developer

Hiring the right Magento developer for your project or a company that employs in-house certified Magento developers can be tricky. Getting a Magento certification isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It demands a high level of dedication in developing heavily coded websites with great functionalities and to have sound knowledge about the platform. Although, it’s hard to acquire certification, it doesn’t mean that any certified can be the best for your business. You need to look at the right place to find the perfect match; otherwise, things can go down the road producing more problems for you in the long run.

If we believe at the market stats, then we find out the dominance of Magento developed websites in the market. The boom in the eCommerce sector has increased the demand for Magento developers that can handle critical tasks and develop desired functionalities to stand apart from the crowd. Let’s talk about the certain parameters that you need to scale your listed developers to pick the best among the bests.


Development Expertise

Buckle yourself up and increase your knowledge about the industry because you are going to need it right in this step. When I say you need it, you will understand if you ignore this one while thinking, why you need to understand Magento when you are hiring an expert? Eh?

You need to check technical competence that actually decides the course of your functionalities and successfully implementation of new technologies on your website. How technical competent is the listed developer on your list? How much tough functionalities he has worked upon and how he can create the one you desire?

Industry Experience

Now this clearly tells you who can be your right buy. But wait. This can be a tricky step, either. Sometimes a person spends years in a company and still, he doesn’t have the modern technical competency to handle your project. Sometimes, a less experienced person is brainy and can easily handle your project like the icing on a cake. It would be better if you discuss the entire specific task and challenges they have encountered during their career run till yet. It gives you an insight about the real qualification of the developer or of the company and how capable they are handling the critical functionalities on your website.

Every website’s vision is different. You can’t compare apples to oranges.  And your site functionality might be different to the others that are ruling in the market, but still, you need to find the best that has the right approach to handle the tasks.


This will tell you on which projects the certified developer has really worked on. You can check those websites yourself and see the work according to your understanding and scale it with the industry greats in the same niche. It really helps if you know how to critically examine everything on the website. The portfolio will tell you about the developer’s proficiency and how much he’s capable of doing things to bring the best results possible.

Developer’s Response

Some developers might have great technical skills, but they aren’t good listeners and communicators that bring ego and miss communication room between you two – and your project suffers. While describing your project details to them, observe their response and how they are doing it.

The listed methods can help you find better Magento solutions in form of best certified Magento developers for your project. All you need to gear up for the best things by preparing yourself for the industry to find the right people. The last decision is always yours.


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